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Are you a parent struggling to understand your child’s behaviors? Are you uncertain of what your child might need from you? This is a normal feeling for parents, especially for those with younger children. Sometimes we may think we know what our children are asking, but they need just the opposite! It can be confusing when we are given the “cues” but don’t know precisely how to address them. So how can you acquire the skills to better meet your child’s needs?

Thankfully, Jodie Sexton, LMHC, will run a group to address these questions! The Circle for Security Parenting Group is a research and evidence-based group run by trained facilitators worldwide. 

“Each child and parent has their own needs,” group leader Jodie says. “This group is unique because it is not a behavior management group. [Parents] learn relationship skills to better meet their child’s emotional needs.”

A significant portion of how parents react to their children’s behaviors is how they were responded to as children. According to Jodie, “If you, as a parent, didn’t get your basic needs met, you didn’t get what you needed and now don’t know how to give it unless you become aware of their needs.” A solid relationship with your child leads to increased happiness, better interactions with siblings and friends, and learning how to be a better person overall.

A quick tip you can use today (that you may already be doing!) is to simply “be with” your child. Many parents think this is not a “skill,” but it absolutely is! Children have big emotions, and sitting beside them can help them feel calm. This is an easy, stress-free way to demonstrate kindness and nurturing behavior.

Change happens through therapeutic relationships, and with the Circle of Security Parenting Group, Jodie wants to facilitate those relationships for you and your child. Behaviors in children can be challenging to understand when you don’t know what you are looking for. There is a better, easier way to recognize these behaviors and understand their needs over just trying the guessing game. Through these learned skills, you will be supporting your child’s ability to successfully manage their emotions, enhance your child’s developing self-esteem, and become more confident in how to read your child’s emotional needs.


If you are interested in the Circle of Security Parenting Group please click the following link: Group Interest Form

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