We are excited to offer a unique opportunity to couples at all ages and stages. Our Relationship Check-Up Program is designed for couples who would like to meet with a professional for a review of what’s working well and what needs work in their relationship.

Who is this for?

  • Couples who are doing extremely well, and want to be over-achievers about their relationship
  • Couples who care deeply for each other and who also want to prevent problems down the road
  • Couples who have lost intimacy along the way
  • Couples with high conflict (but who don’t engage in physical aggression)
  • Premarital counseling
  • Couples contemplating divorce

You will clarify:

  • your strengths as a couple
  • your vulnerabilities as a couple
  • bridges to connection
  • ways to repair faster after conflict

The simple process:

  • Call to schedule
  • Complete a few forms online about your relationship
  • Come for an initial hour and a half meeting in which the clinician will review a number of topics that are important in relationships
  • Come for a second hour and a half feedback session in which you get a good sense of areas of growth and a number of suggestions about how to develop as a couple
  • That’s it! If you need other recommendations, your clinician will be happy to provide them.

The cost:

  • $360 total. This includes two 1.5 hour sessions and development of a brief report based on your answers to the questionnaires and initial discussion.

To Schedule a Relationship Check-Up, please call and speak with an Intake Coordinator at (401) 294-0451 or contact them at Receptionist@RICBT.com.

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