Support Group: Ages 30 and up

Participant Age: Adults (18+ years old) and Adults 30 years and older
Length: Ongoing
Location/Day/Time/Instructor: Virtual; Friday 1:00pm; Led by Adriana Hyams, PhD
Tuition: $75 per session. Insurance may reduce this amount.
Required Materials:
Accepting Evaluations: Yes

Do you feel like sometimes the people in your life don’t understand you? This group is meant to provide a way for people to find support for issues with which they are struggling among a group of peers. When people are struggling, it helps to find solidarity with others and to learn what works and what doesn’t from others who have experience with our problems. This group is different from peer support groups in that it will be led by a licensed clinical psychologist who will help guide the discussion. As strong emotions may arise in the group, it is important that group members have the ability to manage their emotions on their own so that one person does not continually dominate the energy/efforts of the group.
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